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I am a Kenyan University Student looking for a sponsor to help fund my education.
Here, kindly find what DIVAS, a local NGO writes about me.

Phinehas Mugo Njeru, a dynamic youthful Kenyan aged
27, is the second born in a family of 5. He and other
Siblings, were orphaned by their loving dad 17 years
ago (1990) at only 10 years. He has successfully
faced numerous discouraging challenges in his life
that DIVAS has isolated him as a most outstanding and
promising character worth every possible support in
his current academic endeavours. DIVAS cordially
welcomes any assistance geared towards making Phinehas
stable and self reliant in his life and, by extension,
his family and the community.

Resultant Dilemma:
Since primary 5 on, Phinehas forged on minus most
basic needs and only survived on casual labour after
school. Being young, tender and lacking even the
legal support he helplessly watched as their family
land, property and dad’s benefits were scattered,
confiscated or misused. Yet he still excelled in his
final primary examination attracting an invitation to
a good secondary school, one of his own choice.
Phinehas lost the golden chance to join that school.

At the nick of time, just before his academic life
came to an end prematurely, a church participant
assisted him to join another secondary school. He was
the last to report and he reported at the end of term
one. He was out of the school of the time due to
school fee problem which greatly brought down his
performance. He utilised every available chance to
read in & out of school and as evidenced in his termly
school report forms he still excelled. He scored an
upper grade that qualified for university entry.

Phinehas good performance earned him invitations to
several tertiary institutions in the Country. He lost
more than 2 complete calendar years (between 1998 &
2001) until his church and friends came to his rescue
when he joined Kabete Training Institute. He
graduated in 2003 with a Diploma in Medical Laboratory
Science.He was registered by The Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians &Technologists
Board (KMLTTB) to practice as a Medical Lab Technologist

Eversince 2003, Phinehas has not secured a job due to
stiff competition in the Market. To maximise his
employment and future development prospects, DIVAS
advised him to expand his academic qualifications.
He applied to Navarro College USA in the year 2005 & was offered a chance to pursue BSC in
nursing in Texas USA having been issued with admission form 1-20 for an intake later
that year.
He did not meet the financial obligations to enable him join that college. Now, Phinehas
is scheduled to join Kenyatta University, a local University in Nairobi on 27th
August 2007. He might lose this chance also since he has no finances to pay school

We write to kindly request if you would accord him a FOUR
year sponsorshipship at the rate of USD 2,000 annually
sufficient for his tuition and books insurance expenses. He is
a most deserving case who would in future help other
siblings and the community at large. DIVAS highly
recommends him for assistance which may be remitted
directly to the College in Nairobi or channelled through
DIVAS. Let us together help the helpless.

Most kind Regards.

Volunteer Manager.

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